Introspective Therapist
Kyeisha Hodge, LMHCA Therapist/Consultant/Speaker


Helpers Helping Helpers: Empathy

It’s been a while since the last time I posted! I’m excited to explore the next characteristic of Helpers in this post. In case you’re just joining us in this process, the point of this series is to raise awareness and ultimately gain an understanding of what comprises a “Helper” in order to nurture them….

Helpers Helping Helpers: Communication & Emotion

This article is the second in the series “Helpers Helping Helpers” and will explore the characteristics that are unique to those who find themselves in this role. This concept is one that assumes “helpers” have similar characteristics prior to entering their field (the term helpers used here was defined in the past blog post). As…

Helpers Helping Helpers: Self -Care, Introspection & the Helping Professional

This series is titled “Helpers Helping Helpers”. This series attempts to gain clarity and resolve the possible reasons for the lack of self-care observed in the Health Care Professions. This article will explore the need for this series and focus in on key terms that require explanation. The ultimate goal here is to raise collective…

The Power of Learning and a Great Teacher

After making a major move to the West coast I realized that my desire to learn has been my saving grace. It got me thinking about the best experiences that I have had as a student and a pre-mature “learner”. Specifically my experiences with what I will call a “career hero”; as in someone who helps us…