Introspective Therapist
Kyeisha Hodge, LMHCA Therapist/Consultant/Speaker


Substance Abuse

I work with those who have successfully maintained their sobriety for at least a year. My work at an outpatient treatment center for substance abuse taught me that chemical dependency is a complicated issue to resolve, but most importantly that it can be resolved! I want to use this knowledge to help you create a life that inspires you.

Domestic Violence

If you have found yourself in a relationship where you suffered degrading comments, behaviors meant to intimidate or control you, behaviors meant to convince you that you are “crazy”, or physical abuse; you likely experienced Domestic Violence. Together we can explore and heal these wounds.

Traumatic Stress

Exposure to trauma often has severe consequences. Trauma includes emotional abuse, neglect, physical or sexual assault, domestic violence, childhood abuse, and natural disasters.Together we can explore the consequences of these experiences and develop new behaviors and narratives that help to eliminate them.

Anxiety and Depression

You don’t have to continue to pay the cost of living with Anxiety and Depression. Common symptoms include feelings of hopelessness, fatigue, loss of interest in daily activities, trouble sleeping, and excessive worry. Together we can explore the role that these symptoms have played in your life and develop behaviors and narratives that help to eliminate them.