Trauma is a Liar

You are not broken.
You do not have a "pathology".
You are not unworthy of love and the life you truly want.
You simply haven't gained access to the power that you ALREADY have.

Repeatedly going through deeply distressing experiences—such as domestic violence, racism, childhood, and/or sexual abuse—will create LIES that we internalize and build a life around.

I have the immense honor of helping you free yourself from this prison of deception. Only then can you step into your power, and live an intentional life filled with purpose and PASSION without suffering through negative self talk, doubt, worry, and hypervigilance.

Seize the Opportunity for Transformation

No matter what need brought you to this site today, please know that powerful change comes when we transform our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs to serve us instead of being at their mercy.

Let's start the journey, whether you live in Seattle or not!


Heal From Trauma & Reclaim Your Power

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Healing the Healers

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