Roots of Restoration: A Women's Healing Circle

Together, in this Seattle-based group we will work to release old patterns, fears, and gain the empowerment and clarity necessary to pursue your ideal life.

Groups and healing circles provide a unique opportunity to heal, grow, and overcome the damage of repeatedly having your trust broken. A group setting offers a safe place to take risks, and learn more about yourself. Group members become mirrors for one another and reflect each other’s strengths, weaknesses, triggers, and potential for growth. This combination produces powerful transformations!

Who is this Journey For?

This group is for ambitious women who have been impacted by negative relationships (including domestic violence and childhood abuse). They lead productive lives but still feel something is missing.

These women are committed to their personal development and are searching for tools and strategies to design their lives to take things to the next level. They are tired of negative emotions, toxic relationships, aimlessness, and self-doubt creeping into their lives. This group is for women who are willing to risk the discomfort and vulnerability associated with REAL transformation and are ready to step into their greatness.

Group Structure

Each week we will review certain special topics while still leaving room to meet the various needs of the group. Each session will include time to process day-to-day concerns, goal setting, accountability check-ins, and sharing breakthroughs.

Session 1 & 2 — Foundational Self Love


  • Identifying trauma’s lies, finding personal truths
  • Identifying the origin of negative self-talk
  • Developing self-care practices, transforming self-talk

Session 3 & 4 — Transforming Beliefs


  • Understanding the common limiting beliefs associated with having to navigate domestic violence and childhood abuse.
  • Identify your limiting beliefs and their impact on the way you view safety, trust, power/control, intimacy, and self esteem.
  • Learn tools to challenge and revise old negative patterns of thinking.

Session 5 & 6 — Elevating Core Values


  • Articulate your values while empowered and without shame. Get clear on WHY they are your values.
  • Identify and re-design your "rulebook" for success and how to acquire what you value.
  • Work to align beliefs with your values.

Session 7 & 8 — Blueprint for Empowered Living


  • Receive guidance and support to cultivate your purpose and unlock your passions. 
  • Articulate your life goals in the following areas: career, physical health, spirituality, mental health, and emotional health.
  • Create a 90-day life goal plan.

Current Group Logistics

  • 8 group sessions total

  • Total of 12 phenomenal women per group

  • Weekly "office hours" (TBA) over the phone where I’m available for troubleshooting, Q&A, and check-ins

  • Formation of daily self-care practice-exercises (Monday through Friday) to help you stay focused, build momentum, and move forward throughout the week

  • Tailored invitations to work on between sessions to help you get stronger and more free

Contact me at to enroll in this group.

Financial Investment

Standard payment for a journey like this would be upwards of $1,560! However, I am offering a huge discount so that you start your new year off right! Below is a detailed explanation of the financial investment:

Paid in Full: $553.00 ($79.00 discount)

Pay in 3-Part Installments*: Each session is $79. Payment schedule will look like the following:

  1. Initial deposit: $158
  2. 2nd payment: $158
  3. 3rd payment: $316

Dates for payment will be announced for each group. Payments will be processed here in my office using a credit/debit card of your choosing.

* Other payment options are available, please email me directly about this.

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