Are You Wellness Broke or Rich?

March 21, 2019


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To simply live life requires money. 

There are basic needs that we all have including: food, shelter and water. In order to meet these needs we earn money by getting jobs. Then we take that money and deposit it into our checking account and withdraw it when needed.  The same is true for our "wellness account”. This is our spiritual, mental, physical and emotional "well-being checking account". It requires emotional, spiritual, mental and physical energy to do what’s necessary each day. From talking to our spouses in a loving way, planning the day, getting the kids to school, staying present in a boring team meeting, creating art we love, singing along to our favorite songs, or delivering bad news to someone we love - life requires energy. 

Energy is the currency we spend and work to get more of in the wellness realm. That's why it's of the utmost importance to know how you’re spending your hard earned "wellness dollars" and most importantly how much you're depositing into your wellness account. Becoming fixated on what depletes us can distract us from knowing what restores us. This is dangerous. After all, being alive guarantees spending energy but it doesn’t guarantee that your energy will be replenished. Unfortunately, the account withdrawals come every day like clockwork but the deposits have no certainty. 

Most people (myself included) can call to mind a LARGE deposit into our wellness account. For example in the month of August you might have taken a beautiful 7 day vacation on a tropical island and then gone to a half day spa a week after you returned. If this vacation had a numerical "wellness value" then it would be $3000 deposited into your “Wellness Account” and the spa would add another $400. This is awesome! Awesome if you already have a healthy account or if you have more money coming in. But what if I told you that you had to make the energy equivalent of $3400 work for the next 4 months? What if I told you that life would continue to make small and large withdrawals from your wellness account over those 4 months? Would you have enough “money” to sustain yourself without having an emotional breakdown? After all, that’s the price of being broke in the wellness realm: depression, anxiety, overwhelm, frantic energy, survivor mode, and decisions that guarantee we stay wellness broke. If we just make deposits every few months then we are GUARANTEED to go broke just spending the energy required to live life on a low level! Ain't that a thought?!   

So when it comes to being wellness rich, I want you to think consistency. You will have more "money", aka energy, in your wellness account if you consistently make deposits rather than wait for potential large deposits. 

So what does this looks like? For each person it will differ but here are some suggestions below that former and current clients use to become wellness rich overtime!

  1.  Having a "Morning Ritual" 
  2. Creating and listening to a "Happy Playlist" 
  3. Meditating
  4. Injecting more laughter into your day
  5. Being intentional about the way you spend your time
  6. Moving your body more
  7. Acknowledging your wins 
  8. Engaging in activities that make you feel connected to yourself and the world around you
  9. Practicing loving self-talk
  10. Creating goals 

This is a small list but it illustrates that keeping your wellness deposits consistent and small will increase your wellness wealth at a more reliable rate. Also, that one time epic vacation or expensive massage just isnt enough to maintain your wellness wealth.  

Lastly, it's extremely important to acknowledge that you are already making deposits into your wellness account. This is evidenced by your ability to meet your responsibilities and make empowered decisions. Now, I want you to pay attention to what you're already doing and begin to intentionally do more of THAT. It's a great place to start. 

Time to stack some wellness dollars! 

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