Roots of Restoration

A Healing Circle

Sep 25th - Nov 20th

Every Wed 6:30 - 8 p.m. PST

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The term restoration is a powerful one. To restore something means you believe that its basic innate nature is already valuable as it is.

Already Worthy

Then, over the years the grim of what we’ve constrained ourselves to be creates mental and emotional rust that must be stripped away.

It's Time for Renewal

That's why I created the Roots of Restoration: A Women's Healing Circle. This Sistah’s healing circle is a 9 week in-person experience, to assist black women in restoring their power and their connection to self and others.

In community, you will learn to trust yourself again and hear that deep well of wisdom you’ve always possessed. This Healing Circle will review different shame-destroying techniques to help you establish a strong foundation of self-love, all the while removing limiting beliefs, and toxic energy from your mind, body and spirit.

Do you yearn to connect to your power and inner wisdom?
Are you ready to declutter your mind, freeing up energy to focus on what really matters?
Are you ready to accomplish the things you want while remaining loving and loyal towards yourself?
Do you desire to build loving supportive relationships that challenge you and inspire you to greatness?
Are you ready to transform your mindset to get the things you value including being present, happy, and joyful?
Do you want to learn to better trust yourself?
Are you ready to overcome adversity in a way that won’t compromise your integrity?
Are you ready to go from asking yourself "what's wrong with me" to "what do I need to be or do to live a rewarding life?"
Do you want to learn to be a DESIGNER of your life?
Are you ready to gain clarity around what you value and step away from what you "should" value?

Roots of Restoration

A Healing Circle

Includes Personalized Self-Love Swag Bag!

Here’s what you’re getting with this life-altering 9-week in-person experience:

Session 1:
Orientation and Preparation

Group members will become acquainted and discuss the expectations, structure, practices, and ways of being that will get them the most out of the next 8 weeks. Self-Love swag bags will be handed out!

Session 2 & 3:
Foundational Self-Love

Circle members will be introduced to the three keys to weave a standard of self-love into their lives. The first: real self-care is the result of self-love. Second: Treat loving yourself as if you were loving another. Finally: your deepest love for you comes when you’ve learned to trust yourself. These three concepts will be the building blocks for transforming your self-care practices.

Session 4 & 5:
Transforming Beliefs

You will learn to understand the common limiting beliefs associated with surviving negative experiences (including racism, sexism, childhood dysfunction). Then get clear about the origin of your limiting beliefs and how to begin the process of revising them. You’ll then walk through the process of releasing the energy and pain of the past and step more fully into your future lighter.

Session 6 & 7:
Elevating Core Values

Uncover your core values and learn to align your life with what you say is important. Group members will identify their new elevated core value system and practice aligning their behaviors, and thoughts with these values. These weeks will help you walk through your life with clarity, make better life decisions, and have more confidence in yourself.

Session 8 & 9:
Blueprint for Empowered Living

You will review what you have learned so far and will create and complete your "Blueprint for Empowerment Living" plan to help you stay focused and keep your transformation outside of the healing circle. You will also participate in a small closing ceremony that celebrates your wins!

What Women Have Said about ROR Healing Circle

I loved gathering with other black women in a safe and judgement-free space. I looked forward to coming in every week and hearing us encourage and uplift each other. It truly was an honor to share this experience with the other women of this group.

I was able to step out of the shadow and into my own light. I have integrated self-love practices and positive self-talk that is shaping the way I see myself in a new way.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I signed up for this group, but what exceeded my expectations was the amount of thought and detail that obviously went into creating this. From the gift bags, to the curriculum, and even our certificates; everything that was provided was intentional, and eventually tailored to each and every one of us as the weeks went on. It was apparent that Kyeisha was able to connect with us individually within this group setting, and I can say that I got more than I could ever imagine out of this group.

Do it! Don't think twice. This is the best investment I've made in myself in a long time, and I have learned so many valuable things that I continue to use daily.

Financial Investment

To make this healing space more accessible each session ranges from $75 - $81 depending on the payment method you choose. There is also an installment plan option to make payments easier. Below summarizes the details.

Option A

Early Bird
Paid-in-Full Rate

$675 Due By Sep 20

Option B

Registration Paid
in Two Installments*

1st Payment: $362.50

2nd Payment: $362.50

Option C

Registration Paid
in Four Installments*

1st Payment: $181.25

2nd Payment: $181.25

3rd Payment: $181.25

4th Payment: $181.25

To have your spot confirmed your initial deposit or paid in full payment would first need to be processed and then a registration form will be sent to you.

*Dates for Option B and C payments will be determined after initial payment and registration.

Reserve my spot in the upcoming ROR Healing Circle!

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