Self-Care Tip of the Month: Remember to Breathe Today

March 26, 2018


Reading Time: 2 mins

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The mind is an amazing instrument.

In many ways it is a time traveler. Your mind is able to speed forward to what you have to do in an hour and then recall vividly what happened to you one year ago. Often times, when juggling different hats like busy student, parent, friend, and employee we typically exist exclusively in the future or fret about the past.

This month’s self-care tip ask us to exist in the present and simply breathe! After all, your breath can only exist in the present, you can only breath right now. So focusing on your breath is a guaranteed way to help you live in the moment. Not to mention alleviate anxiety/stress, provide much needed oxygen to your body and help you take a time out from life’s daily stress. So try carving out some time to breath this week.

Try this, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Notice the details, where is the breath originating from (your chest or stomach?), is your breath shallow or deep. Your mind will want to wander and if it does gently make your way back to focusing on your breath. If you must you can say “In” and “Out” when you are inhaling and exhaling to keep your mind focused.

Remember, we don’t have to make a big production out of this we can and do in fact breathe anywhere!

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